Cautionary U.S. Transportation Tales for India’s Growing Cities
The Atlantic Cities – Nate Berg – February 10 2012

“…what Gorton can provide to a place like India is first-hand American knowledge of what not to do.” – The Atlantic Cities

Mark Gorton Brings Livable Streets Message to a Rapidly Motorizing India – Various Sources – February 10 2012

“If you want to become a transportation policy expert
in 15 seconds, you need to take your lessons
from Mark Gorton…” – The Hindu Business Line

Peer-to-Peer Pioneer Sees New York Bicycles Pier-to-Pier – Jason Kambitsis – August 29 2011

“Gorton makes no bones about his disdain for the automobile and its impact on cities…” – Wired

Questioning the Car: A Walk with Mark Gorton – Alicia Rouault – August 31 2011

“He painted a picture of a New York [where]…streets give priority to people, social vitality and safety.” – Urbanomnibus

Idea Man of LimeWire at a Crossroads
The New York Times – Joseph Plambeck – May 23 2010

“Before Mark, we were preaching to the choir.
We weren’t talking in a language that other people could understand.” – The New York Times

The Man Who Closed Times Square to Traffic
The New York Observer – Matt Frassica – January 26 2010

“Gorton had produced results, earning him the grudging respect of more veteran activists…” – The New York Observer

50 Visionaries Who Are Changing Your World
Utne Reader – November-December 2009

“Gorton wants citizens to question the role of automobiles and to recognize how inefficient and inappropriate they are for an urban environment.” – Utne Reader

24 Top Innovators
CNN Money:Fortune – Oliver Ryan – July 4th, 2007

“But the project dearest to Gorton is his nonprofit…
a grass-roots effort to reduce the number of cars in America’s cities.” – Fortune